The Humanoids Who Killed Don Draper

They're dangerous and claiming for blood I should introduce myself. My name is Marc and I began to work for Codegram at the end of 2011 »

FutureJS - the future happens on May 2014

A look into our latest conference, coming in a few weeks As you already know, we are the people behind the amazing Barcelona Ruby Conference, with »

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Reviewing Pull Requests from Vim with vim-codereview

Never have to leave your editor again For quite some time I've been frustrated with much code reviews interferred with my normal workflow. Whereas I usually »

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RailsGirls: A Summer of Codes

Sun, hard work and Open Source If you haven't heard about the RailsGirls Summer of Code, you're missing out big time! At Codegram we are very »

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Distributed Codegram: New Horizons

A retrospective Codegram has changed a lot in the past 10 months. The team has grown from six to nine people, so we moved to a »

New gem released: Futuroscope!

Future Ruby objects in your hands... Today! At Codegram, we've been recently working on leveraging Service Oriented Architectures to our products. This comes with real benefits »