Attending ElixirConfEU 2016 in Berlin: What we've learned

If you’ve been following us on Twitter, you probably already know the whole Codegram team went to Berlin to see ElixirConfEU 2016: We’ve been »

Hack the future in Full Stack Fest 2016

Problems of today, ideas from the future. September 5-9 2016 on Barcelona. If you've been asking yourself if there'll be a 2016 edition of Full Stack »

Codegram Retreat aftermath

So a week has gone by and we can look back to the Codegram Retreat with some perspective. It has been (again!) a blast. A great »

Cleaner, safer Ruby API clients with Kleisli

As part of one of our current client projects, I've had to build a JSON API that (among other things) wraps the Geonames API nicely. And »

Author image Txus

Baruco meets FutureJS: Announcing Full Stack Fest 2015!

If you enjoyed our past editions of Baruco or FutureJS, you will love what we’ve got prepared for you! Everyone knows that we love running »

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The Humanoids Who Killed Don Draper

They're dangerous and claiming for blood I should introduce myself. My name is Marc and I began to work for Codegram at the end of 2011. »