The codegrammers' guide to the RuPy

We went to RuPy conference in Poland (named after Ruby and Python) and we had so many lulz we just had to share it. As you »

How to use vogue to automatically reload your css on the fly (cross-browser, cross-framework)

We've recently discovered vogue: a node.js-based awesome livereload alternative. And we love it. Since going to your web browser and reloading it manually every time »

An awesome Ruby and Rails feed bundle for Google Reader

We collected a bunch of sources from the ruby and rails universe we like to read on a daily basis. At codegram we read blogs. A »

CSS3 box-sizing and making 50% wide padded elements behave

The default box model adds padding and border size in a fixed size element and that's wrong. Let's see how to change that. If you are »

CSS3, HTML5 and how to degrade gracefully.

How we managed to use some HTML5/CSS3 sugar in our website while mantaining legacy browser compatibility. Update 02/23/2011: I forgot to mention how »