ElasticSearch with Ruby

The slides from my talk at Barcelona on Rails user group Hi everyone! We have recently been using ElasticSearch in different projects and we're really happy »

BaRuCo (Barcelona Ruby Conference)

We are organizing a two-day single-track Ruby Conference in Barcelona As many of you already know, we attended the RuPy almost two weeks ago. We had »

Why Cucumber sucks and I still love it

It's all about abstraction Compare this: # nice_cucumber.feature Scenario: Artist creates an art work Given I am a registered artist And I follow the add »

Benchmarking ActsAsList vs RankedModel vs Resort

Ready for a drag race? Let's see who is the fastest! Sorting solution for Rails 3 showdown! Motivation When we released Resort we were glad to »

Skinny controllers are not enough

Starve them to death At the end of the day, what do you really want? Write less code. Less code means fewer bugs and better mantainability, »

Acceptance tests with Cucumber, Devise, Omniauth and Twitter

Easly power-up your application with Twitter authentication. BDD-style. While building our new website, we decided to protect the admin using a really simple way: we can »