Cleaner, safer Ruby API clients with Kleisli

As part of one of our current client projects, I've had to build a JSON API that (among other things) wraps the Geonames API nicely. And »

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Baruco meets FutureJS: Announcing Full Stack Fest 2015!

If you enjoyed our past editions of Baruco or FutureJS, you will love what we’ve got prepared for you! Everyone knows that we love running »

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FutureJS - the future happens on May 2014

As you already know, we are the people behind the amazing Barcelona Ruby Conference, with two very successful editions so far (2012 and 2013), and yet »

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Reviewing Pull Requests from Vim with vim-codereview

For quite some time I've been frustrated with much code reviews interferred with my normal workflow. Whereas I usually do everything from the terminal and Vim, »

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RailsGirls: A Summer of Codes

If you haven't heard about the RailsGirls Summer of Code, you're missing out big time! At Codegram we are very committed to the RailsGirls movement, and »

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Distributed Codegram: New Horizons

Codegram has changed a lot in the past 10 months. The team has grown from six to nine people, so we moved to a bigger office »