Celebrate #rbxday with us at Codegram!

Come to the hackathon, discover Rubinius and have fun

Next Friday, August 5th, is the [International Rubinius Day](
, a global day to test and improve [Rubinius](
http://rubini.us), a kick-ass, alternative Ruby implementation. Our goal? Run
every line of Ruby code we can on Rubinius, making sure it runs correctly and

If you are too far away from the Rubinius hackathons held in Mountain View
(thanks to Outright) or Amsterdam (thanks to the guys at 80beans) don't worry — Codegram is also sponsoring the event!

We offer our offices in Terrassa, free beer (as in free beer), a great outdoor terrace, snacks and a
fair amount of nerdery to make the most out of this hackfest. Our offices are 20 min away from
Barcelona by car, and 40 min by train. We're located in a beautiful, green
environment. The party will be starting at 3pm.

As a fellow Rubinius enthusiast and author of a couple Rubinius-related
gems (an interactive bytecode console called Rexpl
and the worldwide used, production-ready implementation of Brainfuck on
), I myself will also be around in
case you want to know more about the Rubinius internals leveraged in these

Either if you are a Rubinius enthusiast or if you are just curious about it and
didn't have the chance to play with it yet, make sure to join us. You only need
to bring your laptop. In the event, we will help you installing Rubinius on it,
running your web apps or gems with it, and sending performance and bug
reports to the core team during the whole process. Maybe you'll even get your
first patch contributed this very Friday, who knows! :)

To join the party you can come to our offices by car, or
if you come from downtown Barcelona, it is probably much easier to take the FGC
train S1, direction Terrassa, to Les Fonts. Our building is 3 min away walking
from the station.

If you want you can leave a comment letting us know you're coming (you can come anyway, but it helps ensuring beer will stay infinite) :)

We hope to see you there this Friday, August 5th, starting at 3pm!